Hajat KI Dua

As the name of this website clearly mentions the purpose of this website and that is how to make Hajat Ki Dua. Here we have gathered all the information related to Dua, the effects of Dua, the way to pray Dua and most importantly the possibility of acceptance of Dua. As Quarn says in Sorah Ghafir, Verse 60.

وقال ربکم ادعونی استجبلکم
Call upon me, I will respond to you.
(Quran 40:60)

As we see above Allah (SWT) himself says to ask dua to him. Quran says at another place in Sorah Baqarah, Verse 186.

اجیب دعوۃ الداعِ اذا دعان
I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon me.
(Quran 02: 186)

The above verse of Quran is clearly saying that Allah (SWT) responds to each and every prayer/dua.
Why don’t ask our needs to our Allah (SWT) when he has all the powers and all the resources of worlds? If our Allah (SWT) gives us something, there is nothing reduced from his treasures. So we should as for Dua to Allah almighty as much as we can. There are many Hadiths on Dua too. For example our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said.

الدعاءُ ھو العبادۃ
Dua (supplication) is worship.
(Abu Dawud 1479 & Ibn E Maja 3828)

Remember dua is never rejected. There are three ways of acceptance of Dua (supplication).

1 – Dua (Supplication) is accepted as it is.
2 – Allah finds that the Dua (supplication) is harmful for this person and gives some other thing instead of that Dua (supplication).
3 – Dua (Supplication) is postponed for hereafter and will be rewarded with in next life.

The sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them) used to make dua for the smallest of things. They used to even ask Allah for salt for their food. In one hadith, Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to tell them “let one of you ask his Lord for everything that he needs, even a lace for his shoe if it breaks.” This teaches us that nothing is too big or small to ask Allah for.

Another hadith about the acceptance of Dua (supplication) is as follows.

Hazrat Abu Huraira (R.A) narrates, beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that dua (supplication) of everyone of you is accepted untill he doesn't causes hurry and sasys, "I begged to Allah but my supplication is not accepted".
Sunan Abu Dawud: 1480

At another place in Hadith it is mentioned that Dua (supplication) is the weapon of Muslim. Dua (supplication) is a very best thing. Dua (supplication) not only strengthens the relation of man with Allah almighty but also purifies the soul.

As said earlier in most of the cases man gets what he or she asks in Dua. Dua should always be begged in humiliating manner and with full concentration towards Allah almighty. Dua should be begged continuously for days even months until it is not fulfilled.

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